Jeremy Lin- Cinderella Story of the Year

Why all sports brands should want Lin on its side.

Prior to February 4, 2012 Jeremy Lin was a Harvard graduate who was struggling to find his place in the NBA. Now he is the topic of every ESPN headline, Twitter hash tag, and has the fastest selling jersey of the week. Why the sudden change of heart? It might have something to do with his 20 plus points and seven assists in five straight games, all of which the New York Knicks won.

Despite the lack of attention he received from NBA coaches and owners, he had a huge fan base from the beginning that recognized his talent. He is the only American player of Chinese or Taiwanese in the history of the NBA and received an All-Star like applause in his first game with the Gold State Warriors because he playing only minutes away from his hometown of Palo Alto. His popularity in San Francisco wasn’t enough for the Warriors organization to keep his around and they left him go and he was picked up to be signed by the New York Knicks and eventually was on the bench.

His undeniable performance during the last five games with the New York Knicks has shown everyone his talents. No matter how many people once said he wasn’t good enough to be in the NBA his 34 points against the LA Lakers, on Feb. 10, which outscored Kobe Bryant, showed the world that the past two games were not just luck and he is here to stay. His talent is now unquestionable and proved the top college and NBA scouts that they don’t know a good player when they are right in front of his eyes.

Social media has also jumped on the Lin bandwagon. His 219% follower increase on Twitter and his name trending for multiple days shows how much everyone loves a success story. Now when you type Jeremy into Google, Lin is one of the first options that come up, which wasn’t the case before. Luckily Nike was one of the only companies that say Lin’s talent in the beginning and now it needs to do everything to hold on to him. Even though he was turned down by multiple colleges and NBA teams, Lin’s performance in the last two weeks has shown his determination to never give up even when the whole world doubted him. He is the type of role model all companies should want because of his all-around talent. Most players only go to college for one year and then go straight into the NBA; Lin saw education as a priority and now among an elite group of players in the NBA that can say they are an Ivy League graduate.


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Who should be on Pinterest? ALL WOMEN!

I want to work in PR after graduation so I obviously enjoy social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but I usually get bored on Facebook within the first five minutes and Twitter can only hold my attention for so long. I thought I was distraction free going into winter term of my senior year, until I was introduced to Pinterest. Creating boards, pinning pictures, and looking through pages of things that inspire me has ripped me off my high horse of not being sidetrack free if I’m trying to do homework. I think that any and every fashion company should use Pinterest to its advantage by posting pictures of clothes and products on the site. Why I Use Pinterest-

  1. My advice to all sports industry companies would be, GET ON PINTEREST. As an athlete and someone who is passionate about working out, I’m constantly trying to find new work out idea, clothes, and motivation. Pinterest is now the first place I go to get all of that. Since being on Pinterest I have found a new love for working out because of the pictures that I’ve been pinning.
  2. I’m obsessed with clothes and everything about them. Since I live in Eugene and don’t have access to my true love, Nordstrom, my online shopping addiction has hit an all time high. Now that I’m Pinterest crazed, my obsession is now worse. The best part about Pinterest, which separates it from regular websites, is you get head to toe outfit ideas. Pictures show current trends, ideas straight from the runway, and the best hairstyles.
  3. I’ve always heard of artists, singers, and designers talk about where they get their inspiration from for there own work and now I know what they are talking about. When I look at pictures and other pins I get ideas of my own for a new board name or concept. Sometimes I’ll be looking at an amazing dress worn on the red carpet and it reminds me of a picture that I pinned a month ago of running shoes I really wanted, so I end up buying them.
  4. I think that Pinterest stands out among the competitive world of social media for me because I have always loved the quote “a picture says a thousands words.” On Twitter you can only use 140 characters and there is only so much I can say about myself in a Facebook status, but with Pinterest anyone can learn what motivates me, inspires me, makes me laugh, and makes me cry within all my boards. I use all the companies that appear on Pinterest to make my personal style show through on my page.

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Facebook – Taking Over the Business World One “Like” at a Time

The movie The Social Network shows us how and why Mark Zuckerburg starts Facebook, to compare college girls based on their looks. The networks original purpose couldn’t be more different than what it has turned into. Facebook is now the biggest social networking site in the world and not just for individual purpose anymore. Robert Gibson’s blogs explains why this revolution has happened and the effects it has on the business world today. Being able to communicate is an essential piece to the success a business has and Facebook is the perfect outlet for talking and receiving messages.

Everyone is on Facebook

Today almost every organization has a Facebook page in addition to having a separate website. With 800 million active members of Facebook, it allows interaction and a familiarity that separates it from a traditional website. People know how to use Facebook and can enter any name into the search bar and connect with the company of interest.  This easy access to information about a company is a main reason for setting up an account. A business also wants to have involvement of what is being said about them and Facebook is a great way to listen and learn from the conversation.

Did you “like” that page yet?

Facebook designed “Pages” for companies to set up as a way to interact with users. Once a member “likes” a page they can access information about the business. I think that this is an important aspect of Facebook for companies because it can show it their popularity. It is also beneficial because once a user “likes” a page other friends can see this and gain interest.

Constant updates

The introduction of the News Feed made Facebook even more appealing to companies. Now every time something is posted there is a chance that anyone who has “liked” your Page will see this post on their News Feed, be interested, and want to connect to the Page. This also takes skill because a company is competing with others to get the attention of the user and persuade them to look farther. By adding pictures to a post, keeping status updates direct, and providing incentive to the customers are all good ways to get Facebook users to continue to visit a Page.

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Top Sports Brands: How They Compete Via Twitter


With nineteen certified accounts on Twitter, Nike has something to offer every athletic individual, sports fan, and shoe fanatic. The company’s most popular account is Nike Football with over 373,888 followers. Nike uses Twitter to respond to questions and comments tweeted by followers, entourage those who tweet about their workout regiment, and tweet pictures of new products. I found it interesting that Twitter is Nike’s way of communicating daily with their customers about products and not about promotion of its sponsored athletes. I also found it confusing that there are so many different accounts, even though I understand it’s because of the size of the company. Nike responds to almost every tweet it receives, which results in fewer tweets about the brand. I think that that Nike could improve its position on Twitter by doing more talking about specifics within the company and upcoming products and dedicate one account to respond to customers.


ESPN has one main account on Twitter with 2,671,843 followers. It also has a Sports Center account, which is a show on the network, and most of the anchors and analyst use their own name to talk about sports. ESPN uses Twitter to update followers about games, explain how specific players are performing, and key statistics for post games. It’s a great place to go when you want quick review of that day sports results. I think ESPN manages Twitter better than Nike because it’s only one account that isn’t divided up by sport. I think that ESPN’s strategy is more effective way to communicate to its audience because instead of responding to ever tweet they receive, it is more about specific athletes, sports, and news worthy events.


Although Gatorade doesn’t have the same amount of followers that other top sports brands have, its communication strategy on Twitter is one of the best I’ve seen. Gatorade talks to its 57,616 followers by responding to tweets, uploading pictures, and promoting its product. I think that Gatorade has the best Twitter account because it makes the good qualities from ESPN and Nike and puts it all together. It is one focused page that has the perfect balance between responding to tweets and tweeting about products, advice about pre and post work out routines, and updates on Gatorade National Player of the Year.

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Hello! My name is Molly Maguire and I’m a senior at the University of Oregon. I’m a Journalism major with a focus in Public Relations and graduating in June 2012. For one of my final classes I have to create a blog about something that interests me in the PR world. When given this assignment I instantly knew that I wanted to write about sports, fashion, and a combination of both.

Athletics has been apart of my life since I can remember. Being active, working out, and staying in shape is a passion of mine. I was lucky enough to play college tennis at Sonoma State for two years and now play on the club team here at the U of O. Being involved in sports has influenced my personal style in a major way. I hope my thoughts and opinions will give readers a look into how companies communicate its life style and messages. Additionally I want this blog to be a place to go for readers to visit when interested in fitness PR.

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