When do you take a clients phone away?

As I get closer to entering the real world I’ve started to think about what I would do if I were representing a client that said or did something they shouldn’t. I always see situations from a public relation position and critique what was done during the damage control time period. Media Bistro decided to list the top seven ways to totally destroy your reputation on Twitter and I also think that the rules can apply to most social media sites. The list what not to do consists of:

  1. Tweet while you’re drunk
  2. Use an auto-responder
  3. Repeat your tweets
  4. Sell, sell, sell
  5. Say whatever the *@&# you want
  6. Whine about no having enough followers
  7. Steal other people’s tweets

Although this list might seem obvious to most people, the amount of companies and celebrities that break these rules are shocking to me. I think that if I was working with an customer who enjoys tweeting, I would want them to use Twitter and Facebook to express themselves and interact with their audience, but be aware of these rules. I think a lot can go wrong when it is poorly used but also can be avoided very easily. Learning from others mistakes in this situation is very helpful. Demi Lovato, Disney Channel star, went into rehab for an eating disorder last year. After being released people were tweeting rude and hateful things regarding her weight gain and she tweeted a response to the horrible comments. Then later her response back was taken off her Twitter. I think that her public relations agent made her take this down because when you are in the public negative comments come with the territory. The lesson that I learned from this situation is taking the high road is always the best route to take. I can’t imagine having people say horrible things about me and not respond, but not dropping down to the level of others sitting behind a computer screen is essential. Developing a thick skin is an important lesson to teach and show a client how to use social media benefit their career and not hurt them.


March 12, 2012. Uncategorized.

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