Fashions Biggest day: The Oscars

Oscar Sunday isn’t just about honoring the best actors of the year; it’s all about the dresses. Stylists work with their clients for months to plan for this day. When I was little I only watched to look at the clothes and didn’t even care about what movie won best film. The dresses are an essential part of the night because of how many people will see images from the night for weeks and even years after the show.

Every person that steps onto the red carpet is asked the same question, “Who are you wearing?” The answer to this question can make or break a designers career. Most of the times new designers don’t get the chance to show case their work on this level, but when they do, it can change their lives forever. Every year after the Oscars, shows like Fashion Police, Extra, and Entertainment Tonight have worst and best dress list. Magazines and newspapers also debate the best dress of the night and what star should hire a new stylist. Every designer wants to be represented at this event because of the millions of views that turn into the show. What an actress is wearing sets the tone for the night and says a lot about her personal style. Every designer wants to get the change to be a part of this night because of the amount of pictures that are being taken.

This is one of the best ways to have your name be heard and communicate your vision as a designer. By having an actress like Cameron Diaz or Angelina Jolie be seen all night in one of your dresses is the best way to get your name be heard by millions. Every interviewer is asking the same question and having an A list celebrity talk about how they decided to wear your design is better then any advertisement money can buy.


February 27, 2012. Uncategorized.

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