Why I never want to be Heidi Montag…

I have to admit that one of the first times I heard the term “PR” used was in the first season of MTV’s hit series “The Hills,” when one of the main characters, Heidi, works for Bolthouse Production, a top public relations event planning firm in Los Angeles. Heidi’s job consisted of going to partying at nightclubs, planning events, and meeting famous people. Although this might sound appealing to most girls my age, this LA life style didn’t interest me. After entering into my junior year at the University of Oregon I was pleasantly surprised that Public Relations today could not be more different then the glamour life style portrayed on MTV.

I think that in theory working with celebrities sounds appealing to people because of how society idealizes the rich and famous life style. Who wouldn’t want to help a celebrity communicate with their audience, right? Well as I learn more about the Public Relations the less glamorous I realize it is. Working with celebrities isn’t as wonderful as it might seem on shows like Entourage or Kell on Earth when you think about Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, and Michael Vick, whom all of which are now know for being PR nightmares. The more horror stories I hear, the more I learn that Heidi was never doing PR in the first place.

Now, when I think of companies and people I look up to I stay away from MTV and turn to companies like Edelman, WCG, or Waggener Edstrom who tell the truth, tell it first, and tell a story fast. Companies who are transparent in its findings and care about both the stakeholders and the audiences, equally, are places and people I hope to work for.

Regan’s PR Daily’s article “Glamour? Ha! The realities of entertainment and fashion PR,” also describes the beautiful PR scene as bogus and gives ten tips to how to succeed in the actual world of PR today.


February 15, 2012. Uncategorized.

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