Jeremy Lin- Cinderella Story of the Year

Why all sports brands should want Lin on its side.

Prior to February 4, 2012 Jeremy Lin was a Harvard graduate who was struggling to find his place in the NBA. Now he is the topic of every ESPN headline, Twitter hash tag, and has the fastest selling jersey of the week. Why the sudden change of heart? It might have something to do with his 20 plus points and seven assists in five straight games, all of which the New York Knicks won.

Despite the lack of attention he received from NBA coaches and owners, he had a huge fan base from the beginning that recognized his talent. He is the only American player of Chinese or Taiwanese in the history of the NBA and received an All-Star like applause in his first game with the Gold State Warriors because he playing only minutes away from his hometown of Palo Alto. His popularity in San Francisco wasn’t enough for the Warriors organization to keep his around and they left him go and he was picked up to be signed by the New York Knicks and eventually was on the bench.

His undeniable performance during the last five games with the New York Knicks has shown everyone his talents. No matter how many people once said he wasn’t good enough to be in the NBA his 34 points against the LA Lakers, on Feb. 10, which outscored Kobe Bryant, showed the world that the past two games were not just luck and he is here to stay. His talent is now unquestionable and proved the top college and NBA scouts that they don’t know a good player when they are right in front of his eyes.

Social media has also jumped on the Lin bandwagon. His 219% follower increase on Twitter and his name trending for multiple days shows how much everyone loves a success story. Now when you type Jeremy into Google, Lin is one of the first options that come up, which wasn’t the case before. Luckily Nike was one of the only companies that say Lin’s talent in the beginning and now it needs to do everything to hold on to him. Even though he was turned down by multiple colleges and NBA teams, Lin’s performance in the last two weeks has shown his determination to never give up even when the whole world doubted him. He is the type of role model all companies should want because of his all-around talent. Most players only go to college for one year and then go straight into the NBA; Lin saw education as a priority and now among an elite group of players in the NBA that can say they are an Ivy League graduate.


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