Who should be on Pinterest? ALL WOMEN!

I want to work in PR after graduation so I obviously enjoy social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but I usually get bored on Facebook within the first five minutes and Twitter can only hold my attention for so long. I thought I was distraction free going into winter term of my senior year, until I was introduced to Pinterest. Creating boards, pinning pictures, and looking through pages of things that inspire me has ripped me off my high horse of not being sidetrack free if I’m trying to do homework. I think that any and every fashion company should use Pinterest to its advantage by posting pictures of clothes and products on the site. Why I Use Pinterest-

  1. My advice to all sports industry companies would be, GET ON PINTEREST. As an athlete and someone who is passionate about working out, I’m constantly trying to find new work out idea, clothes, and motivation. Pinterest is now the first place I go to get all of that. Since being on Pinterest I have found a new love for working out because of the pictures that I’ve been pinning.
  2. I’m obsessed with clothes and everything about them. Since I live in Eugene and don’t have access to my true love, Nordstrom, my online shopping addiction has hit an all time high. Now that I’m Pinterest crazed, my obsession is now worse. The best part about Pinterest, which separates it from regular websites, is you get head to toe outfit ideas. Pictures show current trends, ideas straight from the runway, and the best hairstyles.
  3. I’ve always heard of artists, singers, and designers talk about where they get their inspiration from for there own work and now I know what they are talking about. When I look at pictures and other pins I get ideas of my own for a new board name or concept. Sometimes I’ll be looking at an amazing dress worn on the red carpet and it reminds me of a picture that I pinned a month ago of running shoes I really wanted, so I end up buying them.
  4. I think that Pinterest stands out among the competitive world of social media for me because I have always loved the quote “a picture says a thousands words.” On Twitter you can only use 140 characters and there is only so much I can say about myself in a Facebook status, but with Pinterest anyone can learn what motivates me, inspires me, makes me laugh, and makes me cry within all my boards. I use all the companies that appear on Pinterest to make my personal style show through on my page.

February 7, 2012. Uncategorized.

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