Top Sports Brands: How They Compete Via Twitter


With nineteen certified accounts on Twitter, Nike has something to offer every athletic individual, sports fan, and shoe fanatic. The company’s most popular account is Nike Football with over 373,888 followers. Nike uses Twitter to respond to questions and comments tweeted by followers, entourage those who tweet about their workout regiment, and tweet pictures of new products. I found it interesting that Twitter is Nike’s way of communicating daily with their customers about products and not about promotion of its sponsored athletes. I also found it confusing that there are so many different accounts, even though I understand it’s because of the size of the company. Nike responds to almost every tweet it receives, which results in fewer tweets about the brand. I think that that Nike could improve its position on Twitter by doing more talking about specifics within the company and upcoming products and dedicate one account to respond to customers.


ESPN has one main account on Twitter with 2,671,843 followers. It also has a Sports Center account, which is a show on the network, and most of the anchors and analyst use their own name to talk about sports. ESPN uses Twitter to update followers about games, explain how specific players are performing, and key statistics for post games. It’s a great place to go when you want quick review of that day sports results. I think ESPN manages Twitter better than Nike because it’s only one account that isn’t divided up by sport. I think that ESPN’s strategy is more effective way to communicate to its audience because instead of responding to ever tweet they receive, it is more about specific athletes, sports, and news worthy events.


Although Gatorade doesn’t have the same amount of followers that other top sports brands have, its communication strategy on Twitter is one of the best I’ve seen. Gatorade talks to its 57,616 followers by responding to tweets, uploading pictures, and promoting its product. I think that Gatorade has the best Twitter account because it makes the good qualities from ESPN and Nike and puts it all together. It is one focused page that has the perfect balance between responding to tweets and tweeting about products, advice about pre and post work out routines, and updates on Gatorade National Player of the Year.


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