Facebook – Taking Over the Business World One “Like” at a Time

The movie The Social Network shows us how and why Mark Zuckerburg starts Facebook, to compare college girls based on their looks. The networks original purpose couldn’t be more different than what it has turned into. Facebook is now the biggest social networking site in the world and not just for individual purpose anymore. Robert Gibson’s blogs explains why this revolution has happened and the effects it has on the business world today. Being able to communicate is an essential piece to the success a business has and Facebook is the perfect outlet for talking and receiving messages.

Everyone is on Facebook

Today almost every organization has a Facebook page in addition to having a separate website. With 800 million active members of Facebook, it allows interaction and a familiarity that separates it from a traditional website. People know how to use Facebook and can enter any name into the search bar and connect with the company of interest.  This easy access to information about a company is a main reason for setting up an account. A business also wants to have involvement of what is being said about them and Facebook is a great way to listen and learn from the conversation.

Did you “like” that page yet?

Facebook designed “Pages” for companies to set up as a way to interact with users. Once a member “likes” a page they can access information about the business. I think that this is an important aspect of Facebook for companies because it can show it their popularity. It is also beneficial because once a user “likes” a page other friends can see this and gain interest.

Constant updates

The introduction of the News Feed made Facebook even more appealing to companies. Now every time something is posted there is a chance that anyone who has “liked” your Page will see this post on their News Feed, be interested, and want to connect to the Page. This also takes skill because a company is competing with others to get the attention of the user and persuade them to look farther. By adding pictures to a post, keeping status updates direct, and providing incentive to the customers are all good ways to get Facebook users to continue to visit a Page.


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